Public Diplomacy Implementation and Research Center 

Public diplomacy is not a new concept in terms of its content. Throughout history, human beings were first organized as small groups, then tribes, then ethnic groups, and finally nations and nation-states, have applied what we call public diplomacy today in order to gain effectiveness on their enemies or friends, in line with their own interests. The main purpose of this is to disseminate information and develop good mutual relations by entering into dialogue with the interlocutors. Public diplomacy should not be confused with misleading disinformation.

In our age, where the global distribution of information is increasing and mutual interaction determines the policies, it is not possible for nation-states to impose their national interests in the outside world only with traditional foreign policy tools and to gain psychological effectiveness in line with these interests. Although the sovereign power of the state cannot be discussed, it is a fact that new actors and the processes that make them effective have emerged in cross-border relations.