Kamu Diplomasisi Uygulama ve Araştırma Merkezi

Local Diplomacy

Local Diplomacy, in its most general sense, is the inclusion of local elements in the management and practices of international relations. The reasons why local governments, especially cities, participate in local diplomacy activities can be listed as follows:
1. Cities engage in local diplomacy to serve their own and their communities' interests.
2. Citizens can direct city governments to participate in diplomatic activities. In this respect, local diplomacy is shaped as a reflection of citizen activism.
3. Cities can engage in diplomatic actions as a sign of solidarity with other cities.
In cooperation with international stakeholders, in establishing an environment of peace and reconciliation in the world, and in the development of a culture of solidarity and dialogue, the use of local diplomacy as an effective tool is encouraged in solving global problems with local counterparts such as climate change and migration. In this context, studies are carried out by various municipalities and municipal unions. With these studies, it is aimed that the local diplomacy activities of the city administrations are compatible with national policies and national and international legal rules and associated with the global agenda.