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Public Diplomacy Certificate Program


  1. Purpose

In the 60 years since the migration of Turkish labor abroad that started in the early 1960s, the texture of the Turkish population living in various countries has changed with new generations, the settlement has increased rapidly and a structure that we can call a diasporic or cross-border community has emerged. Members of the Turkish community abroad are involved in almost every aspect of the societies they live in and at the same time, they maintain their cultural and spiritual commitment to Turkey. As a result of this commitment, anti-Turkey movements and people seriously affect the daily lives of Turks abroad as well as their future planning. It is planned to organize a Public Diplomacy Certificate Program in order to enlighten and strengthen citizens and people of Turkish origin, who face anti-Turkey rhetoric and question their own existence.

It is foreseen that Turks living abroad will participate in our 38-hour professional public diplomacy certificate program, which is primarily planned to be held online. Students and/or graduates of higher education, media workers, members of non-governmental organizations, and those interested in the training program will be able to attend the training program. In this context, the principles of public diplomacy, its application possibilities and measurement/evaluation methods will be discussed. In this program, the functioning of public diplomacy will be understood through real cases. The program will end with the delivery of an exam and certificate to measure the success level of the participants. 

The content and details of the said program are presented below, and cooperation will be made with relevant public institutions and organizations, as well as non-governmental organizations in practice.


  1. Program Content


  1. Introduction to Public Diplomacy (3 hours)

Classical Diplomacy; Emergence and Development of Public Diplomacy; Strength; Nation-State and National Interest; Content of Different Types of Public Diplomacy


  1. Turkish and Turkey Perception Abroad (3 hours)

Turkish and Turkey Perception in the World from History to Today 


  1. Services Provided by Turkey to Turks Abroad (2 hours)

Policies and Institutional Services of Turkey for Citizens Abroad


  1. National Security and Public Diplomacy (2 hours)

Public Diplomacy as a National Security Tool; Resisting Hostile Public Diplomacy 


  1. Gaining Impact Through Communication and Dialogue (3 hours)

Impact Factors; Credibility Production; Communication Tools and Methods; Media and Public Opinion


  1. Public Diplomacy Strategies (4 hours)

Strategic Public Diplomacy; Partners of Public Diplomacy; Preparation of Public Diplomacy Strategies; Academic Support; Relations with Public Diplomacy Institutions and State Authorities


  1. Different Fields of Public Diplomacy (3 hours)

Political Communication; Cultural Diplomacy; Science Diplomacy; Educational Diplomacy; Health Diplomacy; Health Diplomacy; Humanitarian Diplomacy; Sports Diplomacy; Nation-State Branding; Exchange Programs; Diaspora Diplomacy


  1. Public Diplomacy Narratives (4 hours)

Narratives in Public Diplomacy; Narrative Strategies and Intercultural Communications; Creativity in Public Diplomacy


  1. Strategic Public Diplomacy Practices (4 hours)

Fieldwork; Behaviors of Public Diplomats; Implementing Appropriate Types of Public Diplomacy  


  1. Measuring the Effects of Public Diplomacy (3 hours)

Data collecting; Data analysis; Evaluation and Research 


  1. Case Studies (4 hours)

Public Diplomacy of Great States; Public Diplomacy of Medium-Sized States; Case Studies of States in Terms of Different Political Developments 


  1. Review of Topics Covered (3 hours)
  2. Final Exam (Multiple Choice) (2 hours)